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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Hour I First Believed
Wally Lamb
pg. 447

The point of view is mainly told in 1st person by Caelum. Lately the point of view has been changing. When the story was changing to Maureen getting back into drugs, they showed Morgan Seaberry's point of view, along with his mothers, and his brothers. This was to show us what Morgan's life was like before Maureen killed him. Then they showed us the letters the Caelum's great great grandmother had sent to her sister. I haven't found out why they are doing this yet, but they are really really boring. Sometimes they show us Maureen's point of view, like when there is a major conflict and we need to see what she's thinking and why she's doing what she is. This affects the tone because it shows us what mood they are in, which puts the book in that mood. When Caelum is fighting with his wife, we're put into a down mood, then when sudeenly it switched to the letters, we are put into this happy and cheerful mood. This affects the plot because it explains things before they happen. By switching person to person it shows us the other sides, not just one. It makes the book a little more interesting for me to read, but when they suddenly switch to a new point of view without introducing the person, it gets confusing. The letters are also really boring, and that causes me to skip over them. I'm sure they have a point to them and i'll regret not reading them, but for now they're boring and don't seem to be worth my time.

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