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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whatever happened to Janie by Carolyn B. Cooney

When I started reading this book, I put myself into the character's perspective. A lot of the situations presented in the book connected with my personal life.  For example Janie and Jodie get into fights and have disagreements with each other.  My brother and I get into fights over the dumbest things!!! It's not even funny!!!  The main problem is that Janie doesn't live with her biological parents because she was kidnapped at such an early age. Janie views situations differently. Such as when she calls her biological parents on the phone because she can't take it anymore.  But she's strongly encouraged to stay with her "other" family.  In my personal life, I often get into arguments with my family over ridiculous things that I have very little control over. Facing the challenges of being faraway from her real family, it's hard to keep things under control. Family issues often occur when one or both parties have different perspectives of a situation. Some times I feel as if my family treats me unfairly because of the yelling that seems to occur more than usual.

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