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Friday, October 1, 2010

quater 1, blog 5

Rachel Crouch
Sam's Letters to Jennifer
by James Patterson
This book starts off in modern Chicago where Jennifer, the main character lives and works. She has a nice apartment which is far to empty now that the love of her life is no longer there to share it with her. Before you can learn too much about her life Jen runs off to a relaxing lake side suburb where her grandmother, Sam, lives. But Jen isn't there for just another friendly visit, she's there to visit Sam in the hospital who has just gone into a coma. There is also another setting you experience from the letters Sam has left for Jen. It's the setting from her past, the lake side house from years before. The setting could easily be changed to California without much change to the book but one detail needs to stay the same where ever the setting is... it needs to have a place to surf since that's how Jen lost her love. That loss is what makes her who she is.

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  1. This sounds like a good book. So just wondering, how did he die surfing? Like did he drown or get attacked by a shark? Either way that sounds like a horrible way to die. Would you recommend this book as one to read?!?


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