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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Roses Are Red
James Patterson
Finished book

Alex Cross has definitely been the character that has changed the most in Roses Are Red. In the beginning of the book, Alex is more concerned with his job/ career than his family. He focuses all of his time and effort on the force and how he can do better for the next detective case. Throughout the plot, Alex starts to realize that Jannie and Damen and Alex Jr. (his kids) need him in their lives. Jannie ends up having a seizure and this is the revolving point in the plot where Alex starts to notice how much his family means to him. He begins to take time off of his cases and comes home early to be with his kids. Towards the end, Alex is completely involved with his kids and realizes the true meaning of family.


  1. That is a huge change for anyone in life. Everyone gets so caught up with work, and do not even realize they have a family. Yes you have to work to put food on the table for your family, but you still need to care for your family. Was Alex mean to his family, or was he just never there? The story line sounds good, but I could not read a book with that title.

  2. i agree what jake said alot of people do get caught up with work they barely remembers that theyhave a family. But this is true for some people i guess. Caause there are some people who are out there that remembers everthing about there family and cant wait to get off work to see them. So i am guessing alex wasn't always there for his family and didn;t really give much for his family.

  3. Kinda like in my book, Oliver the dad gets caught up in his work and that causes his wife to get angery with him and it turns into a big fight and Jane (wife) takes her and her daughter and goes to where Jane's brother lives. Once they are gone Oliver reliezes a lot more what he should have done and now he has to search the whole world to find them.


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