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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Batboy
Mile Lupica
Pg 246. (End Book)
In my book I believe that Hank Bishop has changed the most. Brian had always wanted to meet him and when he finally does, Hank is real mean to him. Hank is always telling brian to leave him alone, do not touch his things, and do not even look at him. Then one day after a game, hank and Brian are the last two out. Thats when Brians' mom comes in and finds the two. hank turns all nicey nice because she is around and stays that way. Hank ends up helping Brian, and Brian helps Hank. When Brians' mom, Lisa, invits Hank for dinner, he is nice from then on. I do not believe anyone changed in this book other than Hank, he changed big time.


  1. I like the description. It makes me visualize what is happening in the book. I believe from what you said that he has changed a lot throughout the book.

  2. He sounds rude. What was the actual reason he changed? What got him to be nice?


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