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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

By: John Fienstein
Finished Book

I would have to say that Stevie has changed the most. He had to go through many emontions during the book. He went from angry to jealous to confused to jealous again and many others. that has made him change into a better person. He's learned to not get so frustrated over certain things that he can't change. He has also learned to get over things faster and not deal with them as much. Like instead of being mad over a situation for days, he'll get over it in a few hours.


  1. Stevie sounds like he changed his moods a lot throughout the book. How did he learn to not become so frustrated with things? Did someone have to tell him his frustration was hurting people around him or did he just figure it out himself by other peoples reactions? Stevie sounds like a very interesting character, hope you like the book!

  2. Stevie sounds kind of bipolar. Why is he getting so frustrated? What helps him get over his frustration, or what does he do to let his anger out? Stevie sounds like a character with a lot of problems, which would make for some very interesting conflicts to help the plot of the book go along.


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