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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Notebook

The Notebook is about these two couples who had a hot love but the girl left and broke his heart but she realizes it was a mistake. The boy could not forget her he was passionaltely in love wither her like no other she left and never wrote then 14 years later shows up on his door step with some big news that she is engaged. It nearly breaks his heart but why Alli is there she starts rember how things were and that she still loves him rather than her finace.The Notebook has alot of settings it just doesn't have just 1 setting. It all begins in north Carolina in 1946.
The Notebook takes you to when Noah and Alli were younger and to of when they are older.I think if the setting to ever would change the book would not be felt like a romance book, it would leave important things out and would not be fun to read . if a setting changes it most likely ruins the book.

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