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Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog 5 Tyler Allison

Ark Angel
Anthony Horrowitz
Pg previous - Present =)

The setting of my book right now has been changing constantly. When i started the book alex was being captured and taken to a secret location. This was a kinda like a foreshadowing to what would happen later in the book. This was the whole first chapter and then it went back to the previous 24 hours. Alex was in a hospitle because he was recovering from being shot in a previous book. He ended up getting into some trouble with 4 men and after he beat 3 of them up the fourth one knocked him out and took him to some old abandoned appartments. He was held here for a couple days and then the building was set on fire to try to kill him. alex mirackulously escaped and now he is back in the hospitle. overall the setting in in England. It is summer, and it is taking place during modern times.

I think that if the setting of my book was changed it wouldnt change the book very much. it seems like alex always finds a way to get into trouble and getting hurt. weather he is in a different country or a faraway land he will still be doing the same things.

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