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Friday, October 1, 2010

blog 5 aly tekippe

Life as we knew it

Susan Beth Pfeffer

Pg. 105 - 145

The setting of the book is a small town in the middle of the eastern states. They are not located on the coast and that is a good thing because they would be dead if they were. THe moon has made it flood all over the coast. There town is tiny and has only 5oo people in it. Everyone knows everyone and if the setting changed then the people would lose there good nature and the town would lose its rustic charm. I think that if the setting were in a big city, many people would be fighting and there would be more chaos in there everyday lives. The small town also holds everyone together. People dont leave the town , they try and wait for things to get better, grow there own food and live alone from the world.

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  1. How many people died from the flood? I think you could compare their setting to Earlham, but it would be even smaller except that the town doesn't really hold us together. Do they grow new types of food? or just the same old stuff


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