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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hangmans curse

pg 4-84
author Frank Peretti
the setting is a school in Washington. it is a normal school except it has a Ghost that is huanting the school because he was picked on when he went to school. it is not a very big school it is easy to get away with a lot of things like picking on other students. it has a metal detector so they cant get any weapons in school. it has a officer from the police department. if it changed it wouldnt be the same. if it was someplace else that is open to the public it would be like a serial killer mystery.


  1. By just reading a little on this book, changing the setting would change this book and make it something way different than what that author had indend the book to be. Sound like a good book and I will have to look into reading it sometime.

  2. This sounds really cool. I think that it would be better if there were no ghost though.


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