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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear John

John is the protagonist in my book. He is dedicated to his country and is proud to show it. Some postitive traits are he is very handy, and willing to help out. He enjoys making people happy, and feels its the right thing to do. He is very polite to women, and isnt afraid to admit his wrongs. Some negative traits consist of he isnt very open with people. And he is all to himself all the time, which makes it hard to connect to him. He can also take things to literal. For example after a day at the beach with Savannah he had gotten mad at her, and said some things he didnt really mean all because he thought she was saying and doing things she wasnt. She was just trying to help and he didnt understand it. He was so mad, that when he walked out people noticed he was upset and kind of confronted him on it, he reacted by fighting with them and accidently hurting a person who was trying to stop it. I dont know how this affects the plot yet.


  1. John sounds like an interesting person. He seems like he will help the plot move on immensely...I would love to learn more about John and how the book ends.

  2. I have read this book and the movie. They both are good. But the book is much better. John and his girlfriend's name (I can't remember) are an everyday couple. They have there disagreements and agreements. Hope you liked this book. It was good.

  3. Alyssa-Remember to include the page number you are on at the time of the post. It helps put your response into perspective.


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